Wills of Rappahannock County, Virginia 1656-1692


page 63
nephew John Vickers shall hold & enjoy my Plantation which I am now going to cleare with soe much land as he shall have occasion to make use of (he making no wast of ye Timber but which shall be for his necessary use about ye Plantation) Untill ye first of January which shall be in ye yeare of Our Lord one thousand Six hundred Eighty & five & then to Render it up to ye Uses of my nieces aforesaid with all Houses & Fences which shall then be upon it in good Repaire & for my personall Estate (after debts & Legacies paid) to be equally divided betwixt my nephew John Vickers & my 4 nieces Elizabeth Margaret Anne and Ellen Mott to be delivered to my Neeces at ye age of 16 yeares or day of marriage which shall first happen & if any of them shall die before, ye survivor of them to be their heires. Executor my nephew John Vickers.
Wit. Richard X Wallice, Wm. Winn
Sworn to by William Winn aged 28 years or thereabouts, 20 November 1677. Page 53

Waight, John, 3 March 1679, 3 September 1679
To daughter Mary Waight the upper part of my Land on the upper Side the Creek and 100 acres of Land more I give to Elizabeth Vickers which: lyeth Back of That I formerly Sould to James Jackson and my Sonne Robert Waight the Remainder of the Seate the whole being 700 acres and my Daughter Mary to have Timber of her Brother Waight’s Land for her use in building and what moveable Estate I have to be Equally Devided betwixt my Sonne and Daughter John and Mary and my Sonne Robert to be at age at eighteen years and I doe make John Vickers and William Griffin my OVerseers to Look after my Estate untill the one is Married and the other at age and the Estate to remaine in the hands of John Vickers.
Wit. George Lodge, Stephene Fuell, aged 26 years or thereabouts. Page 151

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