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Deed Book 1 Page 6-7 William Sasser

#35 wit: Wm. Fellow #37 (p48) William Sasser of Wayne Co. deed to Stephen Sasser of same, Jan. 5, 1761 for 141 pds, 14 ab current money a parcel of ten acres on the west bank of Litte River adjoining said Stephen Sasser, being part of a grant to Jno. Sasser, Sen’r and thence conveyed…

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State Records of North Carolina – 1790 Census Vol. XXV1

F251.N6 1905 v26 by Walter Clark p 465 Ballance p467 Cox p468 Ballance p480 Ballance, Thomas Cox, Caleb p454 Kilpatrick, Wm p489 Kilpatrick, Isreal Elizabeth Moseley p494-495 Jesse Cobb Maj Crooms Sr. p 496-499 Major Crooms John Cox Herritage p498 Cox, harper p501 Herring, John Cox p504 Herring p510 Duplin – John Ivy p517 Ralph…

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Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution

E263.N8 D17 1932 p150 Nicholson, Robert, John p393 Ivy, Jacob, Thomas p427 Benj. Sasser p461 John Nicholson p 537-537 Ivy, Kilpatrick p643 Cobb p645 Cox p653-652 Fletcher, fellows p661 Harper p663 Herrings, Herrin p666-667 Ivy p 678 Maudlin p682 Nicholson p684 Peele p636 Pikes, Pierson p695 Slaughter p704 Wallace, Vickers

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