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Index to Grantors N.C. – Sassers

Sasser grnters Grantees1772 Sasser, Wm Jacob Stevens 1797 Sasser, Arthur Obediah Watson1797 Sasser, WM Abel Sasser1797 Sasser, Wm Arthur Sasser1801 Sasser, Wm Matthew Hardy et al1801 Sasser, Wm Noel Rentfrow1801 Sasser, Wm Henry Sasser1802 Sasser, Joseph Arthur Sasser1803 Sasser, Abel Lewis Grice1810 Sasser, Joseph Ichabod Bal…1812 Sasser, Wm Jacob Flowers1814 Sasser, Wm Sr. Gordan Godwin1814…

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Early Settlers of North Carolina

William Saser admitted to his right. 3 whites. N.C. Colonial Records Vol. 4, p. 640 11-10-1743 William Saucer granted 300 acres. Edgecombe Co. N.C. Colonial Records Vol. 4, p. 711 12-1-1744. New Bern Thomas Saucer granted 150 acres. Johnston Co. N.C. Colonial records Vol. 4 p. 892. 10-3-1748. Mary Jones, alias Saucer, granted 100 acres.…

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Sasser Family References

NC 7 Vol 4 p 644Council held at the council chamber in Edenton 10 Nov 1743His excellency was pleased to lay before the Board a letter from the Duke of Newcastle in relation to My Lords Carteret’s eighth part of South and North Carolina with his Majesty’s order in Council touching the same line running…

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General index to estates, etc. 1820-1965

43 Pharaba Sasser dec. Roderick Sasser (Exe) May T 1821-120Exum Sasser dec. – Henry Sasser (Adm) 1823 – 16Patsey Sasser dec. – James Sasser (Adm) Febr 1844 -36Sally Sasser dec. – James Sasser (Adm) Febr 1844 – 36Betsy Sasser dec. – James H Sasser (Adm) Nov 1844 – 44Edward Sasser dec. – Lewis Sasser (Adm)…

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Wm Sasser documents

page 1 Abel, Arthur Sasser, Wm, Henry Sasser Johnston Co, N.C. p174 Bk V1 Ind. md 25 Feb 1796 bet James Hinnant & Wm Sasser both Johnston Co – land both sides Little Buffalo Swamp, beg stake on John Newsom’s line east to maple on Abel Sasser line so to his corner east to Wm…

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North Carolina Estate Files

Wayne County Established in 1779 from Dobbs County. A few early court records are missing; reason unknown. Division of the Estate of William Sasser William Sasser Inventory Inventory continued Amount of Sails of the estate of Wm Sasser Esq. Dec’d  Oct Court 1782   Wayne County 30th Jany 1787This day Edith Wise came before me…

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