Carbohydrates - Starchy Vegetables, Legumes, Grains, Dairy

How many carbs should one eat in each meal? Everyone needs different amounts depending on their metabolism and activity level. Think of carbohydrates as fuel. If you are going to have an active day, eat more, a less active day, eat fewer carbs. Never eat carbohydrates alone, and the quantity must be proportional to the protein and fat intake.

* if you have Type ll diabetes, eat three meals containing 15 grams of carbs per meal and two 7 1/2-grams carbohydrate snacks.

Starchy VegetablesServing Size
Acorn squash1/2 cup
Artichokes1 artichoke
Beets1 cup
Burdock root (raw)1/2 root
Butternut squash2/3 cup
Carrots1 cup
Corn1/2 cup
Green peas1/2 cup
Jerusalem artichokes1/2 cup
Lima beans1/2 cup
Lotus root1/2 cup
Okra1 cup
Parsnip2/3 cup
Potato (baked)1/2 medium
Pumpkin1 cup
Rutabagas (Raw)1/4 large
Sweet potato or yam1/2 medium
Turnips1/2 cup


LegumesServing Size
Adzuki beans1/4 cup
Black beans1/3 cup
Broadbeans (fava beans)1/2 cup
Chickpeas (Garbanzo, Bengal)1/3 cup
Cowpeas (black-eyed peas)1/2 cup
Cranberry (Roman) beans1/3 cup
French beans1/3 cup
Great Northern beans1/3 cup
Garbanzo beans1/3 cup
Hyacinth beans1/3 cup
Hominy1/2 cup
Kidney beans1/3 cup
Lentils1/3 cup
Lupins1 cup
Moth beans1/3 cup
Mung beans1/3 cup
Mungo beans (dry)1/2 cup
Navy beans1/3 cup
Pigeon peas1/2 cup
Pink beans1/3 cup
Pinto beans1/3 cup
Split peas1/3 cup
White beans1/3 cup
Yellow beans1/3 cup


Brown rice
Buckwheat (whole-grain)
Buckwheat groats (kasha)
Bulgur (tabouli)
Corn bran (crude)
Corn grits, white or yellow
Couscous farina
Popcorn (popped)*
Semolina (whole-grain) (dry)
Triticale (dry)
Wheat (whole-grain) (dry)
Wheat bran (crude) (dry)
Wheat germ (crude) (dry)
Wild rice
Whole-Grain Flour and Meals
Almond meal
Amaranth flour
Arrowroot flour
Brown rice flour
Buckwheat flour (whole-grain)
Carob flour
Corn flour (whole-grain)
Cottonseed flour
Oat bran flour
Peanut flour
Potato flour
Rye flour
Semolina flour (whole-grain)
Sesame flour
Soy flour
Sunflower seed flour
Semolina (whole -grain)
Sesame flour
Triticale flour
Whole-wheat flour


Bread crumbs
Corn tortilla
Cracked-wheat bread
Cracker meal
Low-carb bread
Oat bran bread
Oatmeal bread
Pumpernickle bread
Rice bran bread
Rye bread
Wheat bran bread
Wheat germ bread
Whole-grain hamburger/hot-dog bun
Whole-grain raisin bread
Whole-wheat English muffin
Whole-grain dinner roll
Whole-grain pita
Whole-grain, 7-grain bread
Rice crackers
Rice cakes
Rye crispbread
Rye wafers (Wasa)
Rusk toast
Wheat crackers (AK-Mak)
Wheat Euphrates
Wheat melba toast
Whole wheat Matzo


YogurtServing Size
Plain whole milk yogurt1 cup
Plain whole milk, goat1 cup
Plain whole milk, Indian buffalo1 cup
Plain whole milk, sheep1 cup
Soy1 cup
Healthy Condiments
Balsamic and other vinegars
Garlic cloves
homemade sauces
Low-sodium tamari soy sauce
Natural mustard
Peanut sauce without sugar
Salsa without sugar